Bouncing into this Week with Bb

This week we started the letter Bb.   

Monday morning we introduced letter Bb with our white board and songs! In our sensory bucket this week was bugs and beans! We grabbed onto those sinking bugs with twizers practicing our fine motor skills.  Art this week was all Bb's!! We made colorful butterflies, yellow and black sponge painted bumble bees, letter Bb's with bananas, cute bears and bunny's.   We had music with Mr. Jim and sang all our favorite songs!  Church this week was learning about Noah and his big Boat!! 


Bugs and beans



Making our bumble bees



Getting our bears assembled



Coloring our school buses


Letter Bb with bananas


God's Promise rainbows


Making our Noah's Ark

What playtime looks like in the morning!

What playtime looks like in the morning!


Circle time identifying days of the week. 


Hanging up our days. 


So excited when they can pick out the letters themselves.


Sitting in church this week


Holy water and sign of the cross. 


Sitting listening to Noah Ark story.


Re-reading our Noah's Ark story in class.

Looking forward to another fun filled week!! 

Apple week

This week was short but packed with lots of learning and fun! We finished our Letter Aa learning and activities! We made Apple sun catchers, Letter Aa's with ants, Aa hats, and astronauts. Started learning about our circles, the color red and number 1.  Father Riz stopped by on Thursday and sang great songs with us! At church we read about Adam and Eve and finished talking about creation. Homework this weekend is to take a walk with parents and talk about what God has created. 


Apple playing  


Apple sun catchers


Letter Aa tracing with frosting! 


Block Fun! 


Ms. Nati Birthday Celebration



Outside Playing




More frosting tracing

Making Astronauts

Making Astronauts

A look at the week ahead: 

Monday  - Letter Bb introduction / Music with Mr. Jim 

Tuesday- Letter Bb crafts / Music with Mr. Jim

Wednesday - 

Thursday- Church

Friday- Church

See your all at the Ice Cream Social!! 


First Week Fun

Welcome all to the new and exciting school year! Ms. Nati and I are really looking forward to a great year with your children. Last week we focused on rules and behaviors inside class. Lots of No David's rules we even made our own charts.  


Christian pasting David on our chart! 



Nathaniel playing with play doh


Apple cutting


Tear and paste Apples for letter Aa


Apple painting


Circle introduction


Circle Painting


Baked apples


Yummy goodness


This week at a glance: 

Monday - No School  

Tuesday - Letter Aa Alligator / Music

Wednesday - Apple sun catchers

Thursday - Church

Friday - Church / Ice Cream Social 6:00 pm on fields


We are almost to the end of the Year. :(

 I cannot believe that next week is the end year!   I will miss this class!! This week we are learning about letters "Xx" and "Yy"!  With the letter "Xx" we made X-rays of our arms!! Then with "Yy" we made yarn painting art, Yo-Yo's and yarn letter "Yy".  


Using yarn to make our letter "Yy"! 


Practicing our names! 


Having fun in the sand! 


The race is on! 


Letter tracing with paint! 

Making our Yo-yos!

Making our Yo-yos!




Celebrating Ian's Birthday!! 


Making happy and sad faces on our bible place mats! 

A look at the week ahead!

Monday - Letter Zz introduced and working on Father's Day gfts!

Tuesday - Letter Zz introduced and working on Fathers Day gifts! 

Wednesday - Letter review and last day of school for MWF class party!! 

Thursday - Letter review and last day of school for TTh class party!! 

Friday - Kndergarten Graduation! 

What an amazing week!

We started learning the letter Uu this last week. With this Ms. Martha and Ms. Nati helped execute making Unicorns and Umbrellas with the kids on Monday and Tuesday while I was out.  Wednesday was the amazing Mad Science man! The kids had a great time learning about Science and watching funny things happen to the Mad Science man himself! This week we started to learn letters Vv and Ww. With vase, Walrus and world art.


Walrus project. 



Walrus project completed. 


Umbrella project


Unicorn project


Practicing our names! 


More name practice. 


Celebrating Maddie's birthday. 

A look at the week ahead. 

Monday - day off

Tuesday - Music and letter Xx

Wednesday - Letter Xx  

Thursday - church and letter Yy  

Friday- church and  letter Yy

Next week is letter Zz and end of year party!!!

I can't believe it is May

This week has been a very busy one! The kids are making special gifts for Mothers Day Tea coming up next week! They also have been learning letter Ss. Starting the week out like alway with Spanish with Ms. Maria and music with Mr. Jim.  In Spanish we are learning all our colors, numbers and reading fun books. Mr. Jim has our class moving and growing to great church songs along with their favorite "Old McDonald!  Thank you to all the kids and parents who made this week so special for Ms. Nati and myself. We felt so loved! 


Moving on the most important news of the week we have new bikes!!! Yay thank you again Parent Board these bike riding kiddos are so happy!!  


Pool noodle name game! 


This was so exciting to watch them find the letter and match it to their names!! 


This game took some time but the children have enjoyed it! Matching the card to the correct noodle! 


Making our name with shredded paper was a hard task but they turned out so beautiful! 


Look at that concentration! 


Cinco da Mayo in room one what a fun snack! 


Some of us are trying nachos for the first time and requested seconds! 

Sorry not to many pictures this week we were working on secrect projects! 

The week ahead: 

Next week is going to be a busy one! 

Mother's Day tea is on Wednesday at 10:30- 11:30 and Thursday at 10:30 -11:30. We are providing moms with a relaxing tea afternoon. 

Friday is an exciting day it is May Crowning at St. Peter for the first time!  An e-mail will come out on Monday all about this exciting event!

Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a great and relaxing spring break! We came back to class last week and started letter Rr.  We made Raccoons, Robots and rain clouds with letter Rr. 


Our Raccoon letter Rr


Making Rain clouds


More rain clouds

Practicing fine motor through beading

Practicing fine motor through beading


Trike - a -Thon picture


On your mark get set, go! 

 A look at the week ahead! 

Monday we are starting letter Ss.  Sun making and salt tracing! Along with Music and Spanish

Tuesday same as above! 

Wednesday  making snakes and secrect gifts 

Thursday same as above with letter tracing with shredded paper.

Friday pool noodle letter hunting and name making!

Busy little Bees


This week we were running round like busy little bees. Finishing the letter Pp with popcorn and pizza making.  Palm branches for Palm Sunday and being helping heroes for lent. 


Popcorn for letter Pp


Making pizza with our friends. 


Letter Pp is for Pizza real or make believe.

Helping Heroes in action! 

Helping Heroes in action! 


Delivering our food to the Parish, thank you parents for your help! 


The trash truck came to visit us today! 


Easter egg coloring. 


Making Palm branches for Palm Sunday. 




Reminders for the week of 4/10-4/13

Conferences all this week please see Sign Up Genius

Sunday: Palm Sunday

Monday : Conferences

Tuesday: Conferences

Wednesday: Easter Class celebration from 10:30 to 11:30. Conferences conclude today

Thursday: Holy Thursday, Soccer demonstration, Easter Celebration 10:30 -11:30

Friday : No school Holy Friday

Leprechaun Fun

This week was filled with lots of exciting and fun events! The letter Nn was completed with our "Nn" hats!  The Leprechauns showed up at our classroom leaving us a mess and yummy gold coins to eat. This lent we are learning how to be helping heroes even at our age. This week we went over the Parish office and asked Debbie what the food bank was in need of.  After we made flyers and decided to help all the children who do not have enough to eat.  So please see the flyers in your cubbies on what is needed for us to help.  


Completing our letter Nn hats. 


Pre-writing practice with salt and our names.  


Pre-writing with frosting and our names. After we wrote our names in frosting we got to eat it! 


Yummy treat! 


Cleaning up after those Leprechauns.  Those sneaky little guys were to fast for us to catch! 


Making our own rainbow with fruit loops! 


Thank you to all the parents for helping us make all this yummy green food! 


It was so much fun watching the Irish Dancers! 


Ian sharing his chocolate coins with Father Riz! The kids were so excited to show Father Riz what those sneaky leprechauns did to our classroom.  


Thank you Debbie for showing us the food pantry and letting us know how we can be helping Heroes! 


Our helping heroes project this week is helping the poor children with food to fill their tummies. We are in need of Mac and Cheese, canned Ravioli, peanut butter, jelly and cereal. Whatever you can donate would be very much appreciated. 

Helping Hero's

Last week we have been talking about walking with Jesus for Lent. With this going on we as room one students have decided to become Helping Hero's. This allows us to be Jesus's little heroes and help him be kind and help others.  Please be on the look out this week for our helping hands on the front door. These hands tell you all we are doing to be helping heroes.


Walking with Jesus.  


Magic show

Magic show

The magic show was a lot of fun we thought he was supper funny! The letter last week was Nn so are whole week was based on this letter. We painted with noodles, cut up noodles, made ninja's and finished with making Nun's.  

Using noodles to paint. 

Using noodles to paint. 


Noodle cutting. 


Pre-writing activities! 

We had so much fun practicing making our names in salt!! 

Father Riz stopped by to sing! 


Making our Nun's. 


Samantha's Birthday Celebration


Counting our walking feet.. 


We discovered our shadows!! 


Monday: Finishing our letter Nn.  Music and Spanish

Tuesday: Same

Thursday: Our St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Friday: Our St. Patrick's Day Celebration.