Week of 2/11 -2/15

:::::: Week of Feb. 11th - Feb 15th ::::::

This week we learned about the letter and sound of “L”. We learned how to write a “L” and what things start with the letter “L”. This week we made Ladybugs from our hand prints and painted a paper plate to look like a lion. The came out very cute. They will be on display next week in the classroom. Next week we will review the letters G through L. Share will be anything starting with these letters.

There is NO SCHOOL on Monday due to Presidents Day.

Enjoy this time with your children.

Music on Tuesday with Mr. Jim. We are doing the Hokey Pokey


Spanish with Ms. Rosa - Learning about transportation words in Spanish. The children are loving the extra Spanish time they are getting. I hope they are telling you all that they are learning.


Share on Thursday and Friday- Something with the letter “L”

Valentines Day Centers and Lunch - Thursday

We decorated our Valentine bags, passed out our Valentines and made Red Velvet Puppy Chow. It was very yummy!

Valentines Day Centers and Lunch on Friday

We decorated Valentine bags, passed out our Valentines and made Red Velvet Puppy Chow, it was so yummy!

I wanted to say a special Thank You to all of my parent volunteers.

We could not have done it without you.

Thanks for checking out our room web page. See you next week!

Week of 2/4- 2/8

:::::: Week of February 4th - February 8th ::::::::

This week we learned the letter and sound of “K”. We learned some things that started with”K”, and we added it to our letter song. We made a few fun crafts, we made a king out of a “K” and we also made a cute heart person. They are displayed on our bulletin board. They are very adorable. Next week is Valentines Day. You may bring in valentines for the class. We will help your child pass them out. Please also remember to sign up for something we need to complete our celebration.

Next week we will work on the letter “L”.

Today was Ms. Sarah’s last day we will her very much. Best wishes and congratulations!

We added new dress up clothes to our collection

Spanish with Ms. Rosa

IMG_1134 (1).JPG

On Thursday Station 43 Fire Station came to show us their truck and taught us a little bit about fire safety and what a fire fighter wears.

We even got to take a look inside

Share on Thursday & Friday

Cupcakes on Mrs. Sarah’s last day!

Good bye Ms. Sarah we will miss you !


Until Next Week …..

Week of 1/28- 1/31

:::::: Week of Jan. 28th - Jan. 31st ::::::

This week we learned the letter and sound of “J”. The children are starting to identify who’s names start with what letter. I am very proud of them. We had a very fun Catholic Schools week. This week we made Jelly Fish, and put jems on a “J”. We even had a chance to do some water painting (their favorite). Next week we will learn about the letter and sound of “K”. Please consider signing up to bring something to help make our Valentines celebration an success. If you want to bring Valentines, just bring cards signed with no name on the front. This will make it much easier for us. We will decorate bags for Valentines day at school.

Take a peek at our week…….


Here is a little peek at what our morning circle time looks like. The children each get a chance to match a shape or letter sound. We go over the calendar and do the weather. They love it !

The dentist came to visit . We learned about what happens at the dentist and how to take care of our teeth.

Our Jelly Fish


Free Play Time - We are still learning so much during our play time.

Share on Wednesday & Thursday

Making Jell-o - Thanks to Maureen & her share

It’s coloring time !

Water Color Adventures

Thanks for checking out or blog page!

See you Next week

Week of 1/21 -1/25

:::::: Week of Jan. 21st - Jan. 25th ::::::

This week we learned about the letter and sound of “I”. The children colored worksheets, traced “I” ’s, made igloos, ice cream cones and we started our snowflakes stained glass. It was a busy week. The children are doing well sitting on their own squares on the carpet. They even know where each other sits. It’s so cute. Next week we will work on the letter and sound of “J”. It’s also Catholic Schools week. We have school spirit days planned with each day wearing something fun. Check out my email for more info.

Here is a peek into our week……

Music with Mr. Jim - They are learning and singing so much


Igloo building is great for our fine motor skills

Share on Thursday & Friday - Something that starts with the letter “I”

We had a few Interesting choices

Princess Dance Party in Room 1

Thanks for visiting our room web page.

We hope you enjoyed it !

Week of 1/7 - 1/11

:::::: Week of Jan. 7th - Jan. 11th ::::::

We are back and ready to learn. Room 1 is growing. We have a couple of new girls in our class, Ella & Olivia have joined room 1. This week we started to learn the letter and sound of “G”. We are continuing to work on our letter sound song, the children are doing well with this. Our Art projects this week were Grapes on a “G” and Paper Plate Giraffes. They are up on display. Come on in and check out your child’s work.

Here are a few pictures of our week.

Grapes on a “G”

Princess Playtime - So much learning goes on during imaginative play

Chalk Drawings and trike riding

Working on our fine motor skills with play dough


Look Who’s 3 ! Happy Birthday Shyanne !


Week of 12/17 - 12/21

:::::: Week of Dec. 17th - Dec. 21st ::::::

Well it’s almost here ……Christmas! The children have been so excited and we have done so many cute crafts! I can’t wait for you to take them all home! I wanted to say how proud I am of the children for singing so well at the Advent Program. They were adorable! This week we were working on our shapes. They are doing well at identifying tracing each shape.

Check out what we did this week.

Making Christmas ornaments. Using our “pinchy” fingers to take off backs to the stickers.


Our Snowmen


Making New friends in a wagon

Share on Thursday & Friday


Thursday’s Christmas centers and lunch

Making Jingle Bell Necklaces & Reindeer Food

Thursday’s Christmas Lunch

Friday’s Christmas Centers & Lunch

Christmas Lunch

Merry Christmas!!! I hope you all enjoy the time off with your beautiful children!

Week of 12/10 - 12/14

:::::: Week of Dec. 10th - Dec. 14th ::::::

This week we reviewed the letters and sounds of “E” and “F”. We have been working hard on our letter sounds and coloring. I am happy with the learning that I am seeing. We have been practicing our Advent Program songs. We are getting better each day. Please continue to practice with your children. I am excited for you to see our program. With Christmas less than 2 weeks away we are busy doing lots of fun projects. The children are having a great time using their creativity and fine motor skills.

Here is a peek into our week…..

Making holly wreaths

Cooperative Playtime- We are learning a lot through play


Christmas Puppet Show with Kiddle Karoo

Share on Thursday & Friday

Until next week ….. I hope you enjoyed our blog.

Week of 12/3 -12/7

:::::: Week of Dec. 3rd - Dec. 7th ::::::

This week we reviewed the letters and sounds of the letters C & D. We continued to sing our alphabet song. They are doing very well with this and are starting to recognize the letters more and more. We have been practicing our Advent song everyday, ask your child if they can sing them to you. Practice makes perfect. Take a look at what we did this week.

On Monday we made Christmas Stockings for our bulletin board

Practicing our Advent songs with Mr. Jim


Our Hand print Reindeer


Candy Cane finger prints

Practicing our D’s

Share on Thursday & Friday


Untill Next week….. I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog……

Week of 11/26 - 11/30

:::::: Week of Nov. 26th - Nov. 30th ::::::

This week in class we reviewed the letters and sounds of A & B. The children are doing well and are starting to trace the letters and color with more purpose. Saturday is our Havana Nights fundraiser. It is going to be a lot of fun with many great and exciting things to bid on including our class projects and a baking night with Ms. Sarah and I. Well enough talk, check out a few pictures of our week below.

A little fun time outside with bikes an imagination in the playhouse.

Share on Thursday and Friday


Fr. Riz came to visit and sing with us this week.


Our Christmas Art


That’s all for this week…. see you all Saturday Night at the fundraiser !

Week of 11/19 & 11/20

:::::: Grandparents Day 11/19 & 11/20 ::::::

This week was a very short one, but it was full of fun. We were able to show the Grandparents a little bit of what we do at school. I think a great time was had by all….oh and we had some great food to share as well !!! Here are a few pictures we snapped of the festivities….. ENJOY!

I hope you all had a fun and restful Thanksgiving with your friends and family !!! Till next week……

Week of 11/12 - 11/16

:::::: Week of Nov. 12th - Nov. 16th ::::::

This week we finished working on the letter and sound of “F. The children are starting to focus a little more on the carpet and get excited about the picking jobs. We focused this week on a lot of Thanksgiving crafts. I cant wait for you to see them. We started the week by making snack for the whole school. The children loved being able to scoop in all the ingredients. Next week is Grandparents day both days and then it’s Thanksgiving…… Wow the Holidays are upon us.

Check out our week……

Snack making - Thanksgiving style GORP

Music with Mr. Jim- Learning about all the different music notes and there beats

Reading in a princess dress…. why not…..


Share on Thursday & Friday

Fall Wreath Friday

Until next week …… Have a fantastic weekend!

Week of 11/5 - 11/09

:::::: Week of November 5th - November 9th ::::::

This week we started the letter and sound of “F”. The children are singing our alphabet song with more and more enthusiasm. We are loving it. We are starting to do a little more cutting to get the children more familiar with using scissors. We are starting to get ready for Thanksgiving and Grandparents Day!!

Monday - Education Through Nature - Reptile Show-

Our children loved seeing the reptiles !

Tuesday & Wednesday - Spanish with Mrs. Rosa - learning our body parts and about fall

Flowers on an “F”


Share on Thursday & Friday

Coloring & Cutting practice

Water coloring an “F”

Week of 10/29 -11/1

:: Week Eleven - October 29th - November 1st ::

This week was full of fun and excitement. The Children had so much fun the past few days, and now boy are they tired…. As we enter into the Holiday season we are going to be very busy. Parent/teacher conferences are coming up in a few weeks and then we have Grandparents Day and Thanksgiving. So, it will be a very busy month. We will start on the letter and sound of “F” next week. Then I will review all the letters. It is helpful to review the letters with them.

Lets take a peek into what we did this week. Get ready for a ton of pictures ….

Tuesday - Halloween Carnival

Recess !!!!

Halloween Centers - Candy Corn Popcorn & Pumpkin Bracelet Making


Wednesday’s Halloween Parade

Carnival Time

Halloween Centers - Candy Corn Popcorn Making & Pumpkin Bracelet making

Oh, and a little light reading of course…..

Halloween Lunch Time


Thursday & Fridays Share


Painting Eggs - for the letter “E”

That’s all folks ……. Till Next Week !!!

Week of 10/22 - 10/26

:::::: Week Ten….. AMEN ::::::

This week was successful! The children are LOVING the job chart and are asking for specific jobs. They are even remembering their own job, which means it’s meaningful to them. We started working on the letter and sound of “E” this week. Starting next week we are going to go a little faster. I have been spending 2 weeks on each letter. I will start spending a week and a half on each one so we can get through them all. They are doing well on the letters and sounds. I am happy.

Here is a little peek into our week.


New Play dough - Thank You Mrs. Wang


Morning Circle Time

Music Monday with Mr. Jim


Eyes on an “E”

Cutting Practice and cooperative play.

It’s so fun to hear them using their imagination

Using our “pinchy fingers” to find Halloween mini erasers in colored rice.


Painting the letter “E”

It’s Princess Dress up Time


Making Spooky Bat Silhouettes




Tissue Paper Candy Corn

Our Class Loves to Read


Thanks for checking out our classroom web page!

Till next week …..

Week of 10/15 - 10/18

:::::: Week Nine Is So Fine ::::::

Although this week was short it was packed with a lot of fun. We started the week with Ms. Sarah’s birthday and ended with National Chocolate Cupcake Day. (WHAT ?) The children are doing a great job of sitting and learning. This week we started a job chart, each child will usually get a job each day. We have about 10 or 11 jobs. Ask you child what jobs they had this week. They are very excited about having a responsibility.


Leaves, Leaves, Leaves….. Oh and we caught a spider too…..

Inside cooperative play and discovery time

Working on our fine motor skills making pumpkins

Ms. Sarah’s Birthday


We had a visit from the Trash Truck.

The children loved seeing the arm grab and empty the trash cans.

Mrs. Danyelle even had the opportunity to operate the arm!

Coloring Jack-O-Lanterns

Fishing and crown making…. what a combo….

RECESS……. YEAH ……. Working on our large motor skills

Share, we all brought something GREEN


Fr. Riz came to visit on Thursday to end our week.


I hope everyone is enjoying the classroom blog. Till next week………

Week of 10/8 - 10/12

:::::: Week Eight is so Great :::::::

This week we started learning the letter and sound of “D”. The children are starting to grasp the letters and their sounds. It is really great to see learning going on.

Halloween is in full swing in room 1. We have done a few Halloween crafts to get our room ready for Halloween.

Come and check it out!


Discovering & Learning together

Helping Ms. Christina decorate the door


Learning about our body parts in Spanish with baby

Wednesday & Thursday Art projects

“D” id for Dot

Making our Puppy Ghosts, Haunted Houses & Coloring a yellow worksheet


Thursday - Share

Friday - Share

Dots on a “D”

Reading Time with Ms. Sarah

IMG_0461 (1).JPG

Here are a few pictures of playtime this week

Thank you for checking out the website this week ! We hope you stop by next week to see what we are up to next ! We are having so much fun in room one!

Week of 10/1 -10/5

::::::: Week Seven, we are in Heaven ::::::

This week flew by, I can’t believe it is already October. This week we finished up the letter and sound of “C”. We also worked on “All About Me” stuff. We talked about how we are all different from everyone else, and they drew a picture of themselves. It is cute to see how the depict themselves. We also did an “All About Me” cloud and rainbow. I will display them in the room. Since Halloween is approaching we started a few Halloween crafts!! Check out the pictures below of our week.


Cooperative Play & Discovery


Music Monday with Mr. Jim - Do the Bat Dance with us !!!

Celebrating Camille’s 3rd Birthday



Cloud Painting

Playing Outside we learn so much and have a blast !

Celebrating Jasmyn’s 3rd Birthday



Blessing of the Pets


Sharing our Toilet Paper People

Our Art

9/24 - 9/28

:::::: Week Six, we are a good Mix ::::::

This week we learned about the letter and sound of “C”. We did a few fun worksheets and activities to reinforce what we are learning. We colored, we made a Cat and a Caterpillar. On Friday we finished our week with cloud painting. We had so much fun learning together as a class.

Monday we learned about the letter and sound of “C”. We colored a worksheet to reinforce what we are learning.

Learning Through Play

Tuesday & Wednesday - Spanish with Ms. Rosa

The children are learning how to say their body parts in Spanish. Then they sang “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes”

Our Builders & Bike Riders

Playing together & using our imagination -

Practicing our pincer grasp with tweezers & sorting bugs

Wednesday & Thursday we made Cats out of the letter “C”

Wednesday we celebrated Mia’s 3rd Birthday with cupcakes !!!

Happy Birthday Mia !!

Share on Thursday & Friday

On Thursday Fr. Riz came to sing with us


We ended the week with Cloud Painting. They all had so much fun!

Here are a few more pictures of our week

Till Next Week……..

Week of 9/17 -9/21

:::::: Week Five And We Are Still Alive ::::::

This week we continued working on the letter and sound of “B”. Ask them about our letter song… “The A says ah the A says ah….” We add a new letter every week or so. We also worked on the color blue. The children are doing a great job on their colors. We are starting to identifying shapes in our morning circle time too! Check out the pictures of our week.

Monday at free center time

Making our Butterfly “B”

Tuesday Bubblemania was here!

Some of our children were picked to be in a bubble. It was so cool!

Tuesday we celebrated Brooklyn’s 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday Brooklyn

Happy Birthday Brooklyn

Spanish with Mrs. Rosa. The children are learning their colors and doing so well.


Making our Bees …… BUZZZZ

Playtime is so much fun

This class LOVES to read !


Beans on a “B”

Such precise bean placement…. WOW!

We had a fun week, learning and playing together.

Until next week…….