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Our energetic little ones have been busy learning the letter Cc this week!

This frosting looks good enought to eat.


Some of the creative play below went along with letter Cc books we read. One of our favorites that we read was  "If you give a Cat a Cupcake". We used shaving cream as glue and cupcakes were formed and topped with real sprinkles. Activities like these are not only for our minds to make connections but also working our fine motor skills, exercizing the little muscles in our hands!   


Cc Cc Chocolaty Cc! 

Chocolate pudding letter tracing. 

Getting our artistic juices following by making art with chocolate pudding and forming it into play dough. Who doesn't like chocolate, getting messy, and getting to eat the end result!



We can't forget painting our black cats for Halloween fun and experimenting with clouds as a science activity for the book Little Cloud.


We ended the week practicing our culinary skills making letter Cc cookies!