Welcome room one Blog introduction

Welcome to Room 1

Welcome to room 1's weekly blog. We will be putting a lot of exciting things on this site every week! This is an area where you can see first hand what we are experiencing while we learn. Just a brief insight into what a typical day looks like:

  • Morning drop off consists of washing hands, getting name tags and playing with our peers.  
  • After a brief transition period to clean up we come to the colored carpet for learning fun! 

Calendar going over our patterns.. 

Finishing our jumping shapes for Spanish with Mrs. Maria. 

Extra Curricular Activities like Music & Spanish happen twice a week! 

Mr. Jim stopped in to sing some "creepy spider" songs and teach us how he plays the guitar. 

After songs, we get to let some steam off and take our energy to workout our gross motor skills outside. Motor skills such as running, jumping, climbing, and riding bikes!

Once we have gotten our wiggles out playing outside we come in to wash hands and enjoy a story or two. 

When storyline is complete projects are to follow. 

 Little Cloud was a big hit! 

Little Cloud was a big hit! 

 This day we created our own little clouds with rain drops! 

This day we created our own little clouds with rain drops! 

Check out these awesome photos of some past explorations!