February is coming to a close.

This week is a short week for students. We are finishing the letter Ll and gearing up for letter Mm.   

Tuesday started with a visit from the Dentist.  We heard a lot of wonderful things about what we can and can't do to make our teeth stronger!   We are coming to a close with the author Eric Carle, thank you for all the books parents had sent in!  Don't forget to take a look at all our Grouchy Ladybugs!


Teeth brushing demonstration.  What cute teeth they are!



Flossing demonstration, poor Matthew has some sugar bugs on him.  


Olivia being the perfect patient sunglasses and all. 

Finishing out our letter Ll with lady bugs, Llama's and Lamps. 

Patterns were a big hit this week. The student took the giant shapes and created patterns of their own. Along with learning patterns jumping on the shapes was a great way to practice our Gross motor skills. 



Trains seem to be the big hit this year and look at Jacob's track he built!   



Reminders for next week:  Letter Mm and Dr. Seuss activities all next week.

Monday:  Letter Mm mittens and lots of Mable painting.

Tuesday: Marty Gras celebration! We are going to have a fun day!

Wednesday: If you give a moose a muffin activities and Dr. Seuss fun begins!

Thursday:  Is Dr. Seuss Birthday please come in PJ's and be prepared for a great adventure. 

Friday: We are going to continue the fun with PJ's today as well!!