Helping Hero's

Last week we have been talking about walking with Jesus for Lent. With this going on we as room one students have decided to become Helping Hero's. This allows us to be Jesus's little heroes and help him be kind and help others.  Please be on the look out this week for our helping hands on the front door. These hands tell you all we are doing to be helping heroes.


Walking with Jesus.  


 Magic show

Magic show

The magic show was a lot of fun we thought he was supper funny! The letter last week was Nn so are whole week was based on this letter. We painted with noodles, cut up noodles, made ninja's and finished with making Nun's.  

 Using noodles to paint. 

Using noodles to paint. 


Noodle cutting. 


Pre-writing activities! 

We had so much fun practicing making our names in salt!! 

Father Riz stopped by to sing! 


Making our Nun's. 


Samantha's Birthday Celebration


Counting our walking feet.. 


We discovered our shadows!! 


Monday: Finishing our letter Nn.  Music and Spanish

Tuesday: Same

Thursday: Our St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Friday: Our St. Patrick's Day Celebration.