Leprechaun Fun

This week was filled with lots of exciting and fun events! The letter Nn was completed with our "Nn" hats!  The Leprechauns showed up at our classroom leaving us a mess and yummy gold coins to eat. This lent we are learning how to be helping heroes even at our age. This week we went over the Parish office and asked Debbie what the food bank was in need of.  After we made flyers and decided to help all the children who do not have enough to eat.  So please see the flyers in your cubbies on what is needed for us to help.  


Completing our letter Nn hats. 


Pre-writing practice with salt and our names.  


Pre-writing with frosting and our names. After we wrote our names in frosting we got to eat it! 


Yummy treat! 


Cleaning up after those Leprechauns.  Those sneaky little guys were to fast for us to catch! 


Making our own rainbow with fruit loops! 


Thank you to all the parents for helping us make all this yummy green food! 


It was so much fun watching the Irish Dancers! 


Ian sharing his chocolate coins with Father Riz! The kids were so excited to show Father Riz what those sneaky leprechauns did to our classroom.  


Thank you Debbie for showing us the food pantry and letting us know how we can be helping Heroes! 


Our helping heroes project this week is helping the poor children with food to fill their tummies. We are in need of Mac and Cheese, canned Ravioli, peanut butter, jelly and cereal. Whatever you can donate would be very much appreciated.