I can't believe it is May

This week has been a very busy one! The kids are making special gifts for Mothers Day Tea coming up next week! They also have been learning letter Ss. Starting the week out like alway with Spanish with Ms. Maria and music with Mr. Jim.  In Spanish we are learning all our colors, numbers and reading fun books. Mr. Jim has our class moving and growing to great church songs along with their favorite "Old McDonald!  Thank you to all the kids and parents who made this week so special for Ms. Nati and myself. We felt so loved! 


Moving on the most important news of the week we have new bikes!!! Yay thank you again Parent Board these bike riding kiddos are so happy!!  


Pool noodle name game! 


This was so exciting to watch them find the letter and match it to their names!! 


This game took some time but the children have enjoyed it! Matching the card to the correct noodle! 


Making our name with shredded paper was a hard task but they turned out so beautiful! 


Look at that concentration! 


Cinco da Mayo in room one what a fun snack! 


Some of us are trying nachos for the first time and requested seconds! 

Sorry not to many pictures this week we were working on secrect projects! 

The week ahead: 

Next week is going to be a busy one! 

Mother's Day tea is on Wednesday at 10:30- 11:30 and Thursday at 10:30 -11:30. We are providing moms with a relaxing tea afternoon. 

Friday is an exciting day it is May Crowning at St. Peter for the first time!  An e-mail will come out on Monday all about this exciting event!