Week of 10/15 - 10/18

:::::: Week Nine Is So Fine ::::::

Although this week was short it was packed with a lot of fun. We started the week with Ms. Sarah’s birthday and ended with National Chocolate Cupcake Day. (WHAT ?) The children are doing a great job of sitting and learning. This week we started a job chart, each child will usually get a job each day. We have about 10 or 11 jobs. Ask you child what jobs they had this week. They are very excited about having a responsibility.


Leaves, Leaves, Leaves….. Oh and we caught a spider too…..

Inside cooperative play and discovery time

Working on our fine motor skills making pumpkins

Ms. Sarah’s Birthday


We had a visit from the Trash Truck.

The children loved seeing the arm grab and empty the trash cans.

Mrs. Danyelle even had the opportunity to operate the arm!

Coloring Jack-O-Lanterns

Fishing and crown making…. what a combo….

RECESS……. YEAH ……. Working on our large motor skills

Share, we all brought something GREEN


Fr. Riz came to visit on Thursday to end our week.


I hope everyone is enjoying the classroom blog. Till next week………