Week of 10/22 - 10/26

:::::: Week Ten….. AMEN ::::::

This week was successful! The children are LOVING the job chart and are asking for specific jobs. They are even remembering their own job, which means it’s meaningful to them. We started working on the letter and sound of “E” this week. Starting next week we are going to go a little faster. I have been spending 2 weeks on each letter. I will start spending a week and a half on each one so we can get through them all. They are doing well on the letters and sounds. I am happy.

Here is a little peek into our week.


New Play dough - Thank You Mrs. Wang


Morning Circle Time

Music Monday with Mr. Jim


Eyes on an “E”

Cutting Practice and cooperative play.

It’s so fun to hear them using their imagination

Using our “pinchy fingers” to find Halloween mini erasers in colored rice.


Painting the letter “E”

It’s Princess Dress up Time


Making Spooky Bat Silhouettes




Tissue Paper Candy Corn

Our Class Loves to Read


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Till next week …..