Week of 10/8 - 10/12

:::::: Week Eight is so Great :::::::

This week we started learning the letter and sound of “D”. The children are starting to grasp the letters and their sounds. It is really great to see learning going on.

Halloween is in full swing in room 1. We have done a few Halloween crafts to get our room ready for Halloween.

Come and check it out!


Discovering & Learning together

Helping Ms. Christina decorate the door


Learning about our body parts in Spanish with baby

Wednesday & Thursday Art projects

“D” id for Dot

Making our Puppy Ghosts, Haunted Houses & Coloring a yellow worksheet


Thursday - Share

Friday - Share

Dots on a “D”

Reading Time with Ms. Sarah

IMG_0461 (1).JPG

Here are a few pictures of playtime this week

Thank you for checking out the website this week ! We hope you stop by next week to see what we are up to next ! We are having so much fun in room one!