Week of 9/10 - 9/14

::::: Week Soared through Week Four :::::

This week was a busy one. The week started with a fire drill and ended with picture day and a visit from Fr. Riz. We learned all about the letter and sound of “B. We did a few fun activities to reinforce what we are learning in class.

Check out what we did this week………



Fire Drill

We all did an amazing job!

Outside Play

Outside Play on Tuesday

Music on Tuesday with Mr. Jim


We made Bunnies on Wednesday & Thursday


Fr. Riz came to visit on Thursday to sing with us.

After lunch playtime….. We discover and learn so much…….

The conversation is amazing!

On Friday we played outside with blocks and chalk, oh what fun!

During centers we colored a worksheet on the letter “B”. The children are doing a marvelous job.

Lunchtime on Friday. Practicing our fine motor skills.

Using our imagination is so much fun!

Lunchtime reading with Mrs. Christina


I Hope You Are Enjoying Our Weekly Updates & Pictures.

Until Next Week………