Week of 9/17 -9/21

:::::: Week Five And We Are Still Alive ::::::

This week we continued working on the letter and sound of “B”. Ask them about our letter song… “The A says ah the A says ah….” We add a new letter every week or so. We also worked on the color blue. The children are doing a great job on their colors. We are starting to identifying shapes in our morning circle time too! Check out the pictures of our week.

Monday at free center time

Making our Butterfly “B”

Tuesday Bubblemania was here!

Some of our children were picked to be in a bubble. It was so cool!

Tuesday we celebrated Brooklyn’s 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday Brooklyn

Happy Birthday Brooklyn

Spanish with Mrs. Rosa. The children are learning their colors and doing so well.


Making our Bees …… BUZZZZ

Playtime is so much fun

This class LOVES to read !


Beans on a “B”

Such precise bean placement…. WOW!

We had a fun week, learning and playing together.

Until next week…….