Week of 9/3 -9/7

Week Three Sped By Like A Bee

 Sept. 3rd - Sept. 7th

We had another awesome week in Room 1. This week we continued working on the letter "A". We learned the sound it makes and what it looks like. We will work on the letter and sound of "B" next week. We also learned about the color RED. We made paper plate apples that are hanging up in the room. They came out so cute. We discovered the children LOVE to paint, we will be doing more of that in the weeks to come. 

The children are loving Spanish class with Ms. Rosa. They are learning a new song, and starting to learn their colors. What a great opportunity this is for our children. 

                    Reading with friends is always more fun

                  Reading with friends is always more fun

Our Apples 

On Friday we had our share day. This is a great opportunity for the children to stand up in front of their classmates and talk about something that is important to them. Next week the share theme is something that starts with the letter "B".

See you Next Week !!