Week of 1/14 - 1/18

:::::: Week of Jan. 14th - Jan. 18th ::::::

This week we went over the letter and sound of “H”. We learned about things that start with “H”. We colored a few worksheets and even traced H’s. Our crafts this week were water coloring and “H”. We made snowmen for the bulletin board. We also made hives out our hands and puts hearts on an “H”. A few of our projects are on display in the classroom. Come on in and check out your child’s work. We even celebrated a birthday this week too!!

Check out pictured of our week below!

Water coloring an “H”. Boy, do we love to paint

We now each have our own squares on the carpet.

Ask your child what color their square is.

We celebrated a Birthday this week…. Look who’s 3

Share this week was something starting with the letter “H”

Lighting candles at Church

We are learning the Hail Mary, so today we said it at church next to Mary