Week of 10/21 - 10/25

:::::: Week of Oct. 21st - Oct. 25th ::::::

This week in Room 1 we learned about the letter and sound of “G”. We talked about what things start with “G”, we read a story about “G” and sang songs about the letter “G”. In art we put grapes on a “G” and made tissue paper candy corn. This crumbling was great for working their fine motor skills. In music, they sang Halloween songs and worked on learning the notes. In Spanish, Ms. Rosa taught them how to say different foods in spanish. They are really catching on and having fun. Next week, we will learn about the letter and sound of “H”. Halloween is next week! We can’t wait!

Singing about the letter “G”


Grapes on a “G”

Another song about “G”


Coloring a worksheet on the letter “G” - Working our pincer grasp


Making tissue paper Candy Corn - Crinkle, Crinkle


Share on Thursday & Friday- Something starting with the letter “G”


Learning about the color YELLOW




I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Have a wonderful weekend!