Week of 3/11 - 3/15

:::::: Week of March 11th - March 15th ::::::

This week was a busy one. We had so much fun preparing for St. Patrick’s Day. This week we learned about the letter and sound of “O”. We talked about what things start with “O” and we learned how to trace the letter “O”. We made Octopus dot paintings and did St. Patrick’s Day crafts. We ended the week with a special treat. Irish Dancers visited our school to perform for us. A few dancers were from our school. On Friday we had St. Patricks’s Day centers and very green lunch.

Take a peek into our week…..

Octopus Q- tip painting

Share on Thursday - Something starting with the letter “O”


Thursdays centers & lunch

Irish Dancers - One of them is Maureen……

Share on Friday - Somrthing Starting with the letter “O”


Centers & lunch on Friday

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day