Week of 3/18 - 3/21

:::::: Week of March 18th - March 21st ::::::

This was a short week. This week we learned about the letter and sound of “P”. We learned what sound “P” makes, how to trace it and what things start with the letter “P”. In art we made pigs out of a “P” and Pinapples with our hand. They are displayed in the classroom. Next week, we will learn about the letter and sound of “Q”. Share will be something starting with the letter “Q”. This week Mr. Fun came to visit and wowed us with his funny personality and some magic. The children loved him. He left everyone a balloon animal, which the children were very excited about of course.

Take a peek at our week…..


Music Monday ….. The children have been learning a few new songs for Easter.


On Tuesday Mr. Fun showed us a few magic tricks and made us balloon animals. What a fun time we had!

Share on Thursday - somrthing starting with the letter “P”


On Thursday Fr. Riz came to sing with us.


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