Week of 5/13 -5/17

:::::: Week of May 13th - May 17th ::::::

This week we learned about the letter and sound of “V”. We talked about what sound a “V” makes, what things start with the letter “V”, and we learned a couple of new “V” songs too! The children are loving these new letter songs, and they are so catchy, not to mention they are actually learning from them. Next week we will learn about the letter and sound of “W”. In art, we made Volcanos and Vases. They are on display in our classroom, come on in and check them out.

Here are a few pictures of our week ……


Painting the letter “V”

Our “V” Song … “V is a consanant a letter in the alphabet….


Marshmellow streaching ….. such a good activity for working little finger and hand muscles.

Celebrating Gianna’s Birthday on Thursday. Happy Birthday little princess!


Changing the weather at circle time


Share on Thursday & Friday - Something that starts with the letter “V”

Have a great weekend !!!