Week of 4/20 -4/23

:::::: Week of May 20th - May 23rd ::::::

Ths week we leaerned about the letter and sound of “W”. We talked about what sound it makes and what things start with “W”. We learned two new “W” songs this week. The children are enjoying these songs so much. In art we made Watermelons with our hands and flip flops for our door. Come on in and check out what we have done. Next week we will learn about the letter and sound of “X”.

Playing with Kentic Sand. Thet LOVED it!

Coloring the letter “W”

Singing the “W” song….. “W is a consant a letter in the alphabet…”


Making wiggly worms using pipe cleaners and pony beads.

Share on Wednesday & Thursday - Something starting with the letter “W”

Someone is turing 4!

Happy Birthday Emily


Thanks for looking… Have a great weekend !