Week of 5/27 - 5/31

:::::: Week of May 27th - May 30th ::::::

One week to go…. Wow….I can’t beleive it.

This week we learned about the letter and sound of “X”. We talked about what things start with the letter “X” and how to make an “X”. We learned a couple of new songs about the letter “X”. The children used kenetic sand to make an “X”. They had so much fun. In art we made x-rays. We even looked at pictures of broken bones and x-rays. They were very interested. Next week we will cove the letters “Y” & “Z”.

Music performance with Mr. & Mrs. Leslie and some of our school friends.

Singing the “X” songs


Using kenetic sand & sponge painters

Share on Thursday & Friday - Someting that starts with “X”

Thursday Lunch Bunch - Girls Club


Friday Art Centers

X-Rays & Marshmellow stretching

I hope you enjoyed our blog. Have a great weekend !