Week of 9/9 - 9/13

:::::: Week of Septermber 9th - September 13th ::::::

This week we learned about the letter and sound of “B”. We sang a few “B” songs each day to reinforce the sound of “B”. We also colored “B” coloring pages. In art, we made stained glass butterflies, paperplate bees and bunnies. They are on display in the classroom. Come on in and check them out. In Spanish we learned how to say our feelings in spanish, and in Music we learned more of our notes and a few new songs. The children are progressing well and are learning our routiune. Sitting on the carpet is getting better. I am excited to see them start to pick up on things like shapes and letter sounds that we have covered. Next week we will work the letter and sound of “C”. Share will be something with the letter “C”.

Here are a few pics from our families that attended the Ice Cream Social last Friday

Music with Mr. Jim - Learning our notes


Singing the “B” song…. “B is a consonant a letter in the alphabet. "B is a consonant a letter in the alphabet /b/ /b/ /b/ /b/ /b/


Making our Stained Glass butterflies


Share on Thursday & Friday - Something with the letter “B”

Tissue Paper “B”

Coloring Time


Thanks for viewing ….. Have a Great Weekend !!!!