Week of 9/16 - 9/20

:::::: Week of Sept. 16th - Sept. 20th ::::::

This week we learned about the letter and sound of “C”. We colored a couple of “C” pages, we made caterpillars out of the letter “C”, did cloud paintings out of glue and shaving cream, and some of us made cats. What a fun week! Come on in and check out our work. In Music, we continued to learn about our music notes and practiced our songs. In Spanish, we learned the days of the week and about our feelings. The children are learning so much. I am excited to see so much learning going on. The children are paying more attention on the carpet during learning time and we are able to move through our morning routine more quickly. Next week, we will learn about the letter and sound of “D”. Share will be something starting with the letter “D”.

Take a peek at what we did this week……

Music wth Mr. Jim on Monday & Tuesday - dancing to our Halloween songs

Coloring Our “C” worksheets

Singing our letter “C” Songs




Share on Thursday & Friday - Something starting with the letter “C”

Singing on Thursday with Fr. Riz

Singing on Thursday with Fr. Riz

Friday Coloring


Thanks for looking ….. Have a Great Weekend !!!