May 7th- May 11th

This week was Teacher Appreciation Week! Ms. Jennifer and I would like to thank all of you for such an amazing week filled with flowers, cards, and classroom supplies. We truly feel so blessed to have such an amazing class this year! I especially want to thank everyone for the amazing jenga gift! It was such a surprise and I am so excited to keep this through the years!


Since we are nearing the end of the year, we are working on recognizing all letters! We have been playing alphabet bingo to test our knowledge! We are also getting ready for Open House this week so we have been working on classroom art pieces. This is our last week of our unit, Peter and the Wolf. Storybooks and letter pages will be sent home at the end of the week. 


On Friday we had May Crowning. The kids did an AMAZING job praying the whole rosary as a school. Together, we walked over to the church and offered flowers for Mary. 

April 30th- May 4th

This week we worked on recognizing patterns with our Peter and the Wolf story! We learned about triangles and how to draw them. We are continuing to learn all about the letters U,V,W and the color white!

Father Riz came to visit us this week and sang songs with us! Here you can see us doing our favorite, Rock N Roll ABCs. 


Open House is coming up! Come join us in our classroom Wednesday, May 16th, at 6pm! This is a great opportunity to see what we have done throughout the year and check out your child's classroom for next year. 


April 23rd- April 27th

This week we had birthday celebrations and sensory play! Since the weather was pretty warm this week we were able to play in our water table and our sand box. We loved to watch Ms. Shannon fill our water table and dye the water a different color! It was fun getting to play in the water and get wet! 

We continued our unit of Peter and the Wolf this week. We worked on same and different beginning sounds in words, our letters U, V, W, and recognizing the problem in our story. 

This week we created name rockets! We are getting ready for Open House and are working on art to display around the classroom. We counted all the letters in our name and had to glue them in order to make our name. Come check them out outside our classroom door! 

Happy 5th Birthdays to Caden and Sadie! 

April 16th- April 20th

 This week we started our new story, "Peter and the Wolf." In this unit we will be working on letters U, V, W, the color white, and the shape triangle. We will be learning about same and different beginning sounds in words and recognizing the problem in a story. 

Thank you to everyone who helped and came to our Spring Festival! Special thank you to all of our Parent Board members who made our event such a huge success! It was so nice seeing all the children enjoying themselves! 

This week we had a visit from LAPD! We were able to explore both a squad car and a patrol car! We loved playing cops during recess and pretending to save people!

Happy 5th Birthday, Athena!


April 9th- April 13th

This week we concluded our unit, "The Tug of War". Over the past few weeks we have been working on the letters R, S, T, and the color orange. We learned all about recognizing and continuing patterns, as well as differentiating same and different beginning sounds!

Please remember to continue practicing the letter and name pages that are being sent home!

This week our centers included water color painting, and coffee filter art! We loved using pipettes to create a color masterpiece that we then made into butterflies! We are preparing for Kindergarten and TK and practicing writing our name in lines! 

Happy 5th Birthday, Brian! 


March 19th- March 23rd

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We were surprised to come into our classroom on Monday to see that the leprechauns had destroyed it! We all worked together and did a great job cleaning up the mess! 

Ms. Shannon gave us an Irish treat on Monday where she preformed some traditional Irish dancing! We got to see her do a few dances in the youth center. There will now be an after school program offered on Fridays for those who would like to try it! See Ms. Shannon for more details!

Throughout the week, we have continued our unit "The Tug of War," created Easter crafts, and learned all about the letter S. We also also worked on our class projects that will be up for auction at our Spring Festival and Boutique!

Next Week: 

Easter Egg Hunts and Celebrations: March 28th and 29th

No School: March 30th

Easter Break! March 30th-April 6th

March 12th - March 16th

This week Room 2 friends began our new Happily Ever After unit with the story, "The Tug of War." This is the story of a turtle who fools an elephant and a hippo into a tug of war contest. Very fun! We are focusing on the letters R, S, T, and the color orange. We were pretty busy for our short week. Monday we began our new story and created books to follow along. Tuesday we had an on-site field trip with Mad Science! We learned about matter, gas, and enjoyed watching rockets shoot up into the air! Not too bad for a rainy day. 



Wednesday and Thursday this week we enjoyed sharing things that start with the letter R with the class. Lots of rabbits and rockets! Fr. Riz came to our class on Thursday to sing songs with us and pray. We prayed for everybody! There is no school on Friday this week as it is Religious Congress weekend, so we hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and we shall see you on Monday!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Monday-Friday: Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday: Irish Dancers in the Youth Center at 9am!

Thursday and Friday: Church and Share! Share theme is anything starting with the letter S!

March 5th- March 9th

This week was our last unit with The City Mouse and the Country Mouse! We working with vocabulary such as long and short, shapes rectangle and arrow, and the color brown. We were identifying if spoken sequences of words are the same or different as well as identifying details in pictures. We have loved learning all about the letters O,P, Q and the color brown! Next week we will start our new unit, The Tug of War!


We are getting ready for St. Patrick's Day! We have been using our fine motor skills to create fruit loop rainbows! We have been going on our very own Easter Egg Hunt in our sensory bin! 

Come check out our daily activities! 


Next week we have an On Site Field Trip with Mad Science! Come join us on Tuesday, March 13th at 9 am! All are welcome! 

*Reminder* There is no school, Friday, March 16th due to the Religious Education Conference! 

February 26th- Mach 2nd

This week we continued our unit with "The City Mouse and the Country Mouse." In this unit we are working with letters O,P, Q, the color brown, and the shape rectangle. We are also working on predicting what will happen next in stories. 



This week our centers included uppercase and lowercase matching, playdough, art, books, and puzzles! We have been loving the art table lately! Come see all the fun we have during centers!  

On Thursday, Father Riz came for a music visit! He came and sang songs with us and taught us about Lent! 

February 19th- February 23rd

This week we continued our unit with The City Mouse and the Country Mouse! We are focusing on letters O, P, Q and the color brown! We are learning to identify and trace rectangles! In this story we are learning to identify if spoken sequences of words are the same or different, identify details in pictures, and make predictions. 



This week we continued some of our Valentine's Day centers. We are working on strengthening our fine motor skills with playdough, slime, and with tweezers on a heart hunt! We are starting to explore the art/writing center more and have enjoyed water colors! Come look at our centers! 

Next week we are going to start our assessments for Parent/ Teacher Conferences. Please be sure to schedule an appointment with Ms. Shannon! Conference week is March 19-March 23rd. 

Lenten Supper is NEXT FRIDAY, March 2nd. Come join us for a meatless Lent dinner in the Parish Hall from 5-7pm! 

Fire Island Grill Fundraiser is March 13th! Flyers are being sent home!

October 9th- October 13th

This week we started our unit, La Tortuga. In this unit we will be working with the letter E and F and the color blue. We will be learning about rhyming words, locating pictures on a page, and tracking illustrations from left to right. 



Throughout the year we will be learning how to spell and write our names. This week we did an activity where we identified the letters in our names and used our fine motor skills to match the letters! We are also getting in the Halloween spirit with some Halloween crafts! 

October 2nd- October 6th

This week we concluded our unit of The Three Bears. This has been one of the children's favorite stories! We loved talking about what items belonged to each bear, comparing small, medium, and large, dictating sentences, and learning all about the C and D!

One of our favorite centers this week was the slime! We all love the sticky consistency and the different things we can mold it into! Check out our other fun centers this week! 

September 25th- September 29th

This week we continued our unit, The Three Bears! The Children love hearing the story and working with the letters C and D! We are working on categorizing items, determining important ideas, and dictating sentences Goldilocks might say! 

We had a special visit from BubbleMania this week! We loved learning all about science and seeing all the cool things we can do with bubbles!