October 9th- October 13th

This week we started our unit, La Tortuga. In this unit we will be working with the letter E and F and the color blue. We will be learning about rhyming words, locating pictures on a page, and tracking illustrations from left to right. 



Throughout the year we will be learning how to spell and write our names. This week we did an activity where we identified the letters in our names and used our fine motor skills to match the letters! We are also getting in the Halloween spirit with some Halloween crafts! 

October 2nd- October 6th

This week we concluded our unit of The Three Bears. This has been one of the children's favorite stories! We loved talking about what items belonged to each bear, comparing small, medium, and large, dictating sentences, and learning all about the C and D!

One of our favorite centers this week was the slime! We all love the sticky consistency and the different things we can mold it into! Check out our other fun centers this week! 

September 25th- September 29th

This week we continued our unit, The Three Bears! The Children love hearing the story and working with the letters C and D! We are working on categorizing items, determining important ideas, and dictating sentences Goldilocks might say! 

We had a special visit from BubbleMania this week! We loved learning all about science and seeing all the cool things we can do with bubbles!