Room 2

Week of October 17th-21st

This week the children are continuing their work on the Three Little Bears! We are starting to recognize our uppercase and lowercase Cc and Dd as well as use description words such as small, medium, and large! This week we also began using position words such above, below, next to, and under! 


This week our centers were focused on pumpkins and spiders! The children were able to develop their fine motor skills as well as learn their letters, numbers, and shapes! Our centers included picking up pumpkin seeds with tweezers and counting them into pumpkin bins, tracing our letters with spiders, lacing up fall items, and experiencing the inside of a pumpkin! We loved going to every table and doing each activity! 


This week we got to enjoy music with both Mr. Jim and Father Riz! We continued to work on our advent program songs and come up with movements to them! Room 1 joined us with Father Riz and we enjoyed singing This Little Light of Mine and Open My Eyes Lord! 

As a class we are really trying to focus on our letters and being able to write our names! The centers we do in the classroom help up learn our fine motor skills so that we are able to hold pencils correctly and form our letters the right way!

Ask your child to show you how they write their names and form the letters Cc and Dd! 

We had a very fun and short week! We are learning so much and having so much fun in Room 2! We wish everyone a fun and safe weekend! 

Reminder: Mark your calendar for the PAB Talk: "Raising Children 1-5 yrs" by Bette Alkazian Tuesday 10/25 at 7pm in the Youth Center!