Room 2

Week of October 24th- 28th!

This week we completed our Three Bears unit and will be moving on to our next story on Monday! Our story books we created are in our cubbies and will be ready to take home next week! We were also able to explore space this week! We had a BLAST learning all the different planets and what it is like to be in our galaxy! 


Here is one our videos we watched this week which taught us about the planets! Some of the children even memorized the words! Ask them if they can sing along! 


Music Mondays/Tuesdays 10:30-11:00 am

We are continuing to work on our songs for the Advent Program! Mr. Jim helped us learned the first through third verses of "Up on the Housetop" and we are starting to come up with hand movements! We also ended this week with our Halloween songs and will begin singing songs about turkeys next week! Here is a video of our Tuesday/Thursday students singing one of our favorite Halloween songs! 

Spanish Mondays/Thursdays 9:30-10:00 am

This week in Spanish we worked on our greetings and our numbers!! We talked about saying Good Morning, Good Evening, and Good Night! Ms. Maria played a game with us where we would pretend to do our morning routines and say the words in Spanish! We are also starting to learn our numbers! Ms. Maria also brought in her cat, Cookie, and we read stories about him! 


Our centers this week revolved around outer space! We pretended to be astronauts and tried to write how they would in space with no gravity! We colored on paper under a table and created a masterpiece! We also had a center where we created rockets with how many blocks we were instructed to add, we identified how many numbers were in a picture, tossed bean bags in numerical order, and played with a tunnel! One of our centers also included our Auction Art piece which will be up for Auction at our Casino Night!

The Three Bears

We completed the unit! This week we focused on description words such as above, below, under, and across! We also worked on matching similar items of differing sizes! Here is the worksheet we did this week!

It has been another fun and exciting week in Room 2! We look forward to seeing everyone next week for our Halloween carnival and party! Have a great weekend!