Room 2 πŸŽƒ

 Welcome Fall!Β 


Week of October 10th-14th

We have started our new story, "The Three Bears" this week! The children are learning to compare the sizes of objects and pictures and use the words big, medium, and little to describe them. They are also learning the color blue, how to group together things that are the same, and what the word over means. They are also learning to recognize the letters Cc and Dd. Keep The Three Bears with the Little Red Riding Hood in a special place so that your child can look over and share both stories again and again!


Spanish- Mondays/Thursdays 9:30-10 am

This week during Spanish, the children worked on saying their colors as well as greetings! They played games, sang songs, and even colored pictures all while saying the color words in Spanish! Next week, SeΓ±orita Maria will be working with the children on greetings such as good morning, good evening, and goodnight! 


Music- Mondays/Tuesdays 10:30-11am

Mr. Jim worked with the class this week on our Advent Program songs! We will be singing "Silent Night" as well as "Up on the Rooftop." Mr. Jim also continued his lesson on whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes! The students also enjoyed the Halloween songs "Pumpkin Jack" and "I See a Spider."

Weekly Centers

This week the children were focusing on pumpkins! This children enjoyed using their fine motor skills to attach rubber bands to the thumb tacks on our pumpkin. 

Some of the skills involved in all this fun: 

  • Fine Motor Skills- pushing the pins into the pumpkins and maneuvering the rubber bands
  • Gross Motor Skills- hammering the pins into the pumpkins
  • Creative Expression- using the rubber bands to create original designs
  • Math- geometric shapes and 3D exploration of the shapes, along with patterning
  • Science- observing how the pumpkins changed with the insertion/removal of the pins
  • Literacy- so much language and conversation

The students created their own Three Little Bears book! The children worked on their folding and cutting skills as well as assembling the book! Ask your child what assemble means! 

Some students enjoyed counting with candy corn and tracing letters! We were careful not to eat the candy corn that all of our hands touched! 

Pumpkin Bowling! The kids got some practice for our bowling night this Friday! We rolled small pumpkins and tried to knock over our ghost pins! 

We had a very fun and exciting week in Room 2! We are learning so much and love to share our knowledge with the whole class! We hope everyone has a very fun, exciting, and safe three day weekend!