December 4th- December 9th

This week we had so much fun prepping for our upcoming Advent Program! Only two more days until the big production! Please be sure to continue practicing the songs with your child and show up on Tuesday at 5:15 in Room 2 dressed in any Christmas attire! 

This week we had the joy of watching a Christmas themed Puppet show! The kids absolutely loved trying to spread their Christmas Spirit and helping Rudolph learn to fly! 

Mr. Jingles has been up to lots of mayhem this week! From brining us delicious candy canes to zip lining through the classroom, he has definitely kept the kids on their toes! Here are some of Mr. Jingles adventures this week! 

With the candy canes Mr. Jingles brought, we did a fun experiment with our senses. We tasted the candy canes and were able to identify what if felt, tasted, and smelled like. We spent a lot of time this week working on our Christmas presents for our families and we are so excited to take them home in the next coming weeks! We are looking forward to continue to spread the holiday cheer within the next couple weeks!