Week of January 16th-20th

                  Education Through Nature!

    The week we attended a fun and exciting onsite field trip, Education through Nature! This was a hands-on educational experience for the children. The animals are introduced one at a time in a manner that is fun and exciting, allowing the students to experience the wonder of life sciences in a up-close setting. Through these interactions, your child learned the importance of environmental conservation, and to be kind, loving, and respectful to the earth, each other, and all living things!


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The Big Bug Book!

We continued to learn about Nature by reading, "The Big Bug Book" by Margery Facklam. This book contains 13 insects, from the Goliath beetle, which children in Africa keep as pets, to the praying mantis, which Japanese people keep on tiny leads in their gardens to catch mosquitoes.


Insect Song!

We learned the Insect Song this week! The children love this catchy little tune that helps them remember how many legs an insect has! Ask them to sing it to you...I'm sure you will enjoy it too! :)

Jingles, Poems, and Rhymes!

We started are fifth book, "Jingles, Poems, and Rhymes" in our Happily Ever After program! Unit 5 focuses on familiar and classical poetry. In this unit children will learn position words such as behind, next to,between, in front of, and in back of. Children will also learn about a new shape, the square, and the color purple!


  I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe Weekend!

Stay Dry!