February 21st-February 23rd

Dentist Fun!

This week the dentist came to visit us on Tuesday and Wednesday! We loved learning all about brushing our teeth and what we are supposed to do to take care of them! Everyone should practice dental hygiene at home using the magic number 2! We brush twice a day, for two minutes, and we should see the dentist twice a year! Everyone got a chance to practice brushing dinosaur's teeth! 


Although we had a short week, we had some time to do some centers! We worked on an art project which is now on our door, traced our letters with candy hearts, played with play dough, and colored some President's Day Pictures!


We had a fun short week!

No School 2/24- The teachers will be attending the Religious Education Congress

Next week: We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss Day on 3/2 and 3/3! Please come to school in your pajamas!