March 20th - March 24th


Heroes In Lent!

The children are enjoying the short stories we are reading daily from our "Heroes In Lent" book. This book allows us to follow our real hero, Jesus.We are learning how he carried out his secret mission, and how to join in his work with our own friends and family. We are learning that even though there are troubles and trials , Jesus shows us everyday how to share in his great victory. This Lent we will beheroes with Jesus!




The children enjoyed learning all about Frogs this week!We learned that frogs are amphibians. This means they live part of their life in water and the other part of it on land. The frog's diet consists mainly of insects. Most frogs have a sticky tongue. To catch an insect, the frog flips out its tongue rapidly, gets the insect and retracts its tongue. Frogs hunt mostly at night. We also learned about the interesting life cycle of a frog. It changes from one form to another form in a process called, metamorphosis. Ask your child to tell you all about it!

Indoor Recess!

Due to the rain, we had indoor recess.

This was a perfect time to play board games, and practice some somersaults and tumbling on the mat!


      Have A Wonderful Weekend!


                         Monday, March 27th - NO SCHOOL - STAFF PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT