April 3rd- April 7th

Anderson Rubbish

The children really enjoyed our on-site field trip with Anderson Rubbish. They were excited to learn about the different materials that you can recycle and re-use. They especially loved the demonstration of the truck lifting up the trash can, and dumping the trash in the truck!




Tug Of War

The children started a new story, The Tug of War. This story is an African folktale, in which a clever turtle out wits an elephant and a hippopotamus. Your child will learn to recognize the letters R, r, S, s, T, and t in this unit. Your child will also learn the color orange as well as the terms wide and thin, up and down, and above and below.



                    Our Fun Science Experiment

We are still learning about plants this week. I used food coloring and flowers to show the kids how plants absorb water (and nutrients) up through their stems. We had fun with this experiment. It was very cool to watch the colors change!



The children enjoyed coloring and cutting out their Easter egg, that we now have hanging on our classroom door. They also enjoyed assembling their Easter Bunny Bag that they will use during our classroom Easter egg hunt!





4/13 $2 Free Dress -Donations will be put towards the Eagle Scouts Project to build up our Kinder-Garden!

4/10-4/13 Parent/Teacher Conferences

 4/14 GOOD FRIDAY: School will be closed

4/17-4/21 EASTER VACATION School will be closed