May 22nd - May 26th

The end is quickly approaching!

I cant believe how quickly this year has gone by.

The end is coming fast!

Please check out how many day are left on our classroom door.

Let the countdown begin!

Releasing of our LadyBugs

  The children were excited to learn about the life-cycle of the ladybug

and the important work they do to protect crops for our farmers!

We released or ladybugs in our school garden, so they can protect our veggies from those pesky Aphids!


Please click for slide show!

Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, as we remember the American soldiers who have lost their lives

in service to their country, we also remember the ones who are actively serving and are away from their families.

Thank you for the freedoms we are so blessed to have because of your service, and those who came before you.

We can never say thank you enough to you all. May God bless you!



June 1st and June 2nd- Father's Day Celebration 10:30 am - 11:30 am