August 21st- August 25th

Welcome back! We loved meeting our new classmates this week! We are so excited for this upcoming school year! 

This week we focused on getting to know our classmates as well as ourselves! We did activities such as letter hunts, sensory bins, play dough, and fine motor building activities. 

Monday: First day of school! The kids enjoyed decorating their first day of school pages which will be turned into a book at the end of the year! We all attempted to write our names and are excited to see the progress we will make at the end of the year!

Tuesday: First day of school for our Tuesday/Thursday friends! We worked on our fine motor skills with a treasure hunt! We had to find hidden treasures with tweezers in a pool of pom poms! We loved seeing what was hidden underneath! The kids also enjoyed our play dough center, our name hunt, as well as our Mr. Potato Head center! 


Wednesday: We read the story Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and were learning all about letters! We each had our name cut up into just the letters and with the help of Ms. Jennifer, we worked on gluing our name together! We also enjoyed centers where we dug for letters! 

Thursday: Our first visit to Church and our first share day! We all loved our little walk over to church! We read the story of Creation and lit prayer candles! We enjoyed enjoyed a center where we used letter stampers to put our name in play dough! We also created our own Coconut Tree by ripping paper! We put our names as the coconuts and counted all our letters.

Friday: Our Monday/Wednesday/Friday friends first church and share day! We went to church and  read the story of Noah's Ark. Our centers for the day included lacing cards, river stones, building disks, and an ants in the pants game! 

It has been such a fun first week of school! We are so excited for this upcoming school year!


Music with Mr. Jim is starting! He will be in our class every Monday and Tuesday!

We will be starting our first curriculum unit! We will be reading Little Red Riding Hood and focusing on the letters Aa and Bb. Our color focus will be red and our shape is a line and a dot!

Our share theme for this week will be anything starting with the letter A! Pleas bring in any item beginning with the letter A on either Thursday or Friday.

We will also be heading to Church on Thursday and Friday. If your child would like to light a prayer candle or donate money to the poor, please send them with $1! 

Here's to a great year!