September 11th- September 15th

This was our last week with our first unit, Little Red Riding Hood! We all loved listening to our story! Throughout this unit we discussed terms such as same, different, across, and under. We were introduced to shapes such as line and dot, and the color red. We worked on our listening skills where we identified same and different sounds. We matched and identified capital and lowercase forms of the letters Aa and Bb. And finally, we worked on underlining with crayons! 

Little Red Riding Hood story books were sent home on Friday! With the books were pages of letters A and B for your child to practice! 

Our centers this week included counting tubes, pick up sticks, play dough, letter hunts, Mr. Potato Head, and our favorite, letter tracing with twizzlers! Ms. Shannon also called each of us over to practice tracing our letters A and B and work on our pencil grip!




Music with Mr. Jim!

Check out the fun we have with Mr. Jim every Monday and Tuesday! 



  • We are starting our new unit, The Three Bears! In this unit we will be working on letters Cc and Dd and the color blue! We will be working on categorizing items, words such as over, big, large, medium, little, and small. We will be discriminating between sizes as well as drawing lines over, under, and across with crayons!

  • Tuesday: Fundraiser at CPK! 20% of all orders go directly to the Fabry Family!
  • Thursday and Friday: Fall Picures! Sign up with Ms. Lauren! 
  • Our share theme for next week is anything starting with the letter C!