August 28th- September 1st

This week we started our first unit! In Little Red Riding Hood, we will learn about the color red, how to underline, words like above and below, letters Aa and Bb, and about lines and dots. 

Monday: We enjoyed reading our Story Little Red Riding Hood! We loved hearing the dramatic interpretation of the story! We then assembled our very own Little Red Riding Hood books!

Tuesday: We had our first music class with Mr. Jim! Our Tuesday/Thursday friends got to hear our new story and assemble their books! Ms. Shannon worked with each one of us on the whiteboards and showed us how to properly from the letter "A."

Wednesday: The kids enjoyed a game where they raced to crawl under a table and find a red dot! This taught them what under was and what the shape "dot" looks like. 

Thursday: We went to church and had share! We also had centers where we built with lego pieces, threaded beads on pipe cleaners, and played on riverstones.

Friday: We went to church and had share! We listened to our story and did a reading comprehension activity. We had to color and underline which characters did what in the story! 


Next Week:

Monday: NO SCHOOL! Labor Day

Friday: Ice Cream Social at 6pm on the East Lawn!