March 12th - March 16th

This week Room 2 friends began our new Happily Ever After unit with the story, "The Tug of War." This is the story of a turtle who fools an elephant and a hippo into a tug of war contest. Very fun! We are focusing on the letters R, S, T, and the color orange. We were pretty busy for our short week. Monday we began our new story and created books to follow along. Tuesday we had an on-site field trip with Mad Science! We learned about matter, gas, and enjoyed watching rockets shoot up into the air! Not too bad for a rainy day. 



Wednesday and Thursday this week we enjoyed sharing things that start with the letter R with the class. Lots of rabbits and rockets! Fr. Riz came to our class on Thursday to sing songs with us and pray. We prayed for everybody! There is no school on Friday this week as it is Religious Congress weekend, so we hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and we shall see you on Monday!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Monday-Friday: Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday: Irish Dancers in the Youth Center at 9am!

Thursday and Friday: Church and Share! Share theme is anything starting with the letter S!