Trucks, Tortugas, Treats and More

These past few weeks we worked on and finished the story, “The Three Bears.” We had a Bear Picnic to celebrate end of a great story.

We learned about the sense of sound, and taste. We made noise makers and had a taste test, testing things that are sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

We made Mr. Potato and Mrs. Potato head pictures to locate what body parts are used for the 5 senses.

We taste tested things that were sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Then we marked if we liked it or not.

We are learning so many new things every day.

We are recognizing each other’s names and how to write them.

Weeks 5, 6 and 7...Oh, Good heavens!

We have had a busy few weeks. We have finished Unit 1 of Happily Ever After, “Little Red Riding Hood,” and are onto unit 2, “The Three Bears.”


The 5 Senses are a great way to explore the world around us. We have been identifying sounds, smelling different scents and categorizing them. We have also been observing how beans change in texture when going from raw to cooked by using our sense of touch. We are having so much fun!

Friends are smelling different scents and identifying what picture shows the smell.

We learned about how beans change in texture when they go from raw to cooked. Ms. Maria made beans for us to feel and of course taste at the end of the week. Yummy!!

We celebrated 2 birthdays this week. Happy Birthday boys!


Weeks 3 and 4

These 2 weeks we have been learning about “Little Red Riding Hood.” We are working on identifying letter “Aa,” and “Bb.”

We are learning about the letters in our name. What does your name start with?

We are learning about our 5 senses. We ate popcorn and described what it was like by using all of our senses.

Color Run! We made colors run and we got to see the movement of food coloring in mild when soap was added. We were amazed!

We are working on our Happily Ever After. Learning about the color Red!