Room 3 News Week of 11/14-11/18


The children are seen here singing and having fun with music.  Mr. Leslie practiced the Advent song with the children.  The children prepared for Thanksgiving by singing the "Turkey Tango.".


The children enjoyed making the turkey picture frames. We were so happy on how they turned out  We hope you enjoy them for many years to come and  remember how little and precious you little turkeys were in 2016. 

Recess time is a great time for the children to get their energy out but also to work on large gross motor skills. 

 The children using the sit down scooters.  

The children using the sit down scooters.  

 Working on balance  

Working on balance  

 Pilgrim puzzle job

Pilgrim puzzle job

Problem solving, cooperation and communication skills are being reinforced with this activity.  

A variety of manipulatives are part of our curriculum.


Using a melon baller to work on fine motor skills.

Our artists hard at work!


We ended our week by going to church. We read a bible story in the church . We practiced blessing ourselves in the babtismal font.

We had a nice surprise and ran into Deacon Melecio before we left the church.  The children enjoyed seeing him and giving him a high five.  


We took a nice picture in the church with him.