Room 3 News! Week of 10/31-11/4

 Kindergarten class "Trick or Treating" 

Kindergarten class "Trick or Treating" 

It was a great week of "Halloween" festivities.  We started our week giving out candy to rooms 1, 2 and 4.  The children enjoyed passing out candy to their friends in the other classrooms. 

Our "Trick or Treating" day was Tuesday.  The children looked fantastic in their costumes and really enjoyed participating in the carnival.


One of our lessons this week was to reinforce the Life of a plant concept. We discussed and had an activity on the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin.  


Our study buddies this week helped us make Cornucopias. We read a story on pilgrims and talked about Thanksgiving.

We ended our busy week by visiting church.  We read bible stories and reinforced how we behave during this important activity.  Every week the children enjoy going to church.  We have discussions on how the church looks, how it changes throughout the year, and what to expect when they go to church.  

It was a great week of celebrations and learning.!  We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and celebrating all the gifts we have from God for which we are thankful! 

Parent-Teacher conferences are this week and we look forward to speaking with everyone regarding your child's progress.  

Thank you to Mrs. Pinzon for bringing her team to help us at the carnival.   We appreciate all of the donated food and assistance that we had in making the carnival a big success!