Room 3 News Week of 12/5-12/9

We started our week with Santas Around The World presentation.  





We have been discussing different Christmas traditions around the world.  Ms. Kristine brought in to share her collection of Santas from Around the World.  The children enjoyed seeing figurines with the traditional outfits of the corresponding countries. Some of the Santas were from Ireland, China, Switzerland and Denmark. 








Ms. Kristine is seen here showing the children what countries the Santa Claus are representing.  








One of our science concepts we have been exploring are trees. To be specific we have been talking about evergreens. We coincided this unit with Christmas to explore and discover Christmas trees. We visited the grounds and found evergreens. The children enjoyed picking branches and taking them home. To expand this lesson we also painted with evergreens to create a colorful and textured Christmas tree. 




 Painting with evergreens.  

Painting with evergreens.  




The children are enjoying painting with this unconventional paintbrushes.  









As part as part of our science center, we let the children discover the different parts of an evergreen tree.  










This week we have been talking about color mixing and different colors. We discussed the color wheels and how we can mix different colors to make new colors.   







 Flowers changing color experiment.  

Flowers changing color experiment.  

To reinforce the colors and get a deeper understanding we demonstrated to the children how we can mix colors. We used flowers to show the children how they can absorb water and the flowers change colors. 








To end our week the children enjoyed a Christmas themed puppet show. What a great way to end a busy week!