What a wonderful week in TK we've had. Front page news is Ian made it to BLACK! Ms. Martha and I were so proud of his accomplishment, it was a double stamp moment. Great job Ian!

TK Fall Faces. We're pretty cute!

This week in Happily Ever After, we are still working on La Tortuga. We are focusing on the color yellow as we distinguish the difference between loud and soft sounds.


Esta semana aprendimos el color azul, es mi color favorito!

download (1).png

Animal Tracks came to visit.

Two of our brave students touch a slippery slithery creature!

We got to touch an alligator that was found living in someone's bathroom!

We also got to see a kangaroo up close!


Star Student

This week our star student loves to play basketball!  He also went to Disneyland recently. Thanks for sharing.

Study Buddy!

We made a farm with our Study Buddy this week. 

Here it is...

The joke you've all been waiting for...

What do you call a lazy baby kangaroo?

A pouch potato!