Week Eight Has Been Great!

Eight weeks... Can you believe we've been in TK for two months already?

Free Star Clipart For Teachers 10.jpg

    Star Student!

Meet our next Star Student. She is amazing! Did you know she recently learned how to ride a bike? That is so cool. Ms Martha and I are so proud of you.


This week we have been learning about our sense of touch. We have been exploring how different textures feel against our skin. We even had a chance to see what braile feels like.


Bananas are SMOOTH.


Lego paper is BUMPY.


Our building toys are PRICKLEY.


Cotton balls are SOFT.


And feathers are SILKY.


Esta semana en Espanol aprendimos el color rojo.



Tambien, tenemos un nuevo estudiante. Puedes encontrar la foto de ella?


We had a great time at our fundraiser this week. We went to Studio Movie Grill and saw the "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." It was so much fun to see our school take up a whole movie theater! There were only 6 empty seats in the whole room. It was nice to have a night off to sit back, relax and drink a giant Pepsi.

Study Buddies

This week we created a fall scene with our Kindergarten Buddy. We have been learning about Fall and how all the leaves turn to beautiful colors and fall from the trees.


Dinosaur Week!

We've been learning about my favorite animal this week. It's been great! We've read a bunch of books and made fun projects all week.


Look who turned 5 this week!

Why did the dinosaurs go extinct? 

Because they wouldn't take a bath!!!

Ha Ha Ha. That's all for now, wash your kids before you bring them back next week!

Love, TK