Lucky Week Number 13!

13 is Ms. Danyelle's favorite number!

 We celebrated another birthday this week. Yay!

We celebrated another birthday this week. Yay!

Since we are learning the letter H this week we made HATS!

This week we practiced our Lock-down Drill. We talked about what to do if a stranger is on camus and did a great job staying quiet and safe. Please talk to your child about what they should do if there is ever an emergency. 



The aquarium came to visit our school.

We learned all about the different creatures who live in a tide pool. Do you know why we call a Star Fish a Sea Star instead of a Star Fish? 

We got to see and touch a lot of cool things. I bet your kid can't wait to tell you all about Larry the Lobster. 

Look at our super slithery snakes!

Magic Nuudles!

We're being creative.

Thanks for visiting TK this week!

What do Sea Monsters eat?

Fish and Ships!!!

Love, TK