TK Welcomes December!

We made really cool 3-D igloos this week using card stock, styrofoam and glue. We had a lot of fun dipping the foam into wet glue. It was an icky sticky mess!

For our Happily Ever After unit we are working on different jingles and rhymes. We made our own little lambs like Mary has. We used our lamb to play "Mary Says," while working on different concepts of behind, in front, above, etc.



Veggie Monsters!

We need vegetables to help us grow big and strong. The introduction of the Vegetable Brag Tag this week really helped us eat our veggies.


“I” is for ice cream!

Yummy yummy ice cream cones are hanging in our classroom. I keep walking underneath hoping some will drip down to me but I think they're too close to the air conditioning vents.

Math learned through games.

There is math all around us, you can make learning math really fun with a little creativity. We added three new games to our centers this week; a Christmas counting game, a crayon shape game, and a pig matching game. The kids were excited to use these new centers.


Happy Snack!


Work out with TK! Look at those muscles, Ms Martha and I are making our class bulk up with planks! Just kidding... they're playing Power Rangers!


Book on tape.

Our students get to listen to wonderful books on tape. Right now we're listening to "Dinosaur Christmas."


Its getting messy around here

On Thursday we celebrated Fr. Adrian's birthday. We made him a card and his own birthday crown. We hope you enjoy our song Fr. Adrian.


Our Christmas Elf is finally here. She surprised us today by parachuting into our room! We named her Rosette. We are going to have to be on our best behavior so Santa knows how good we've been.


We got our hands messy Friday making Shaving Cream Snowmen.

These two made me laugh by photo bombing each other!


Snowman joke of the week...

What did one snowman say to the other?

Do you smell carrots?

Hehe that's a snowman and vegetable joke all rolled into one!


Happy December.

Love, TK