Room 3 News Week of 3/20-3/24


In Language Arts the children are enjoying the storybook,  "The City Mouse and the Country Mouse".  We have been talking about the differences between city life and and a life in the country.


We worked on proper letter formation with our names.   At home, please reinforce proper letter formation whenever possible.  

A newsletter was sent home to remind you of the proper process.  Please refer to that for proper technique.  Reminder....habits formed now (both good and bad) will persist for years to come.

 The children are seen here practicing the letters we have covered in class.    

The children are seen here practicing the letters we have covered in class.    


We continue to introduce and reinforce the 5 senses.  

On this day we focused on the sense of "touch".

We introduced a new sensory bin for the children to explore.

Playdough is a great job for little fingers!!!

Playdough helps refine small motor skills.  

Developing fine motor skills is critical to developing writing skills.


We had study buddies this week!

The children danced to a bunny song and we made an Easter Bunny art project with help from our study buddies. 

 Easter Bunny Art Project

Easter Bunny Art Project

Preparing for Easter fun.

The children have had many different experiences and lessons this week.  We continue to work on The 5 Senses.  Talk with your child and review the 5 Senses with them.  Next week we will be having a tasting experiment activity.  As summer is quickly approaching, please encourage your children to play outside.  The days are longer and it stays lighter later.  Whenver possible, limit electronics and encourage activities as a family.  Games and outdoor activities help children with their large motor skills.  Puzzles, beading, tongs, art projects and coloring help your child with development of their fine motor skills. 

Reminder: No School on Monday, Match 27,  2017 - Staff Development Day

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!