Room 3 News Week of 5/15-5/19

We got off to a great start this week!  



We continue to work on number recognition

and correspondence with our interactive whiteboard

We are so proud of what the children have  

accomplished so far.   Reinforce number recognition

and 1 to 1 correspondence at home,  You can make

a game out of it and involve the entire family.



The children are seen here exercising to the number 100.  We danced and had a movement activity counting to 100.  This is one of the interactive ways we reinforce counting and memorization in an engaging manner.  Try activities that encourage movement and learning at the same time.






In Language Arts we continue to work on our Storybook "Peter and the Wolf".   In this lesson  we worked on proper book handling, reinforced scissors skills and followed oral directions.  We also worked on identifying same and different sounds in words. 


We had a wonderful assembly today.  We had an indoor field trip today.  We had Mad Science visit our school.  The children learned about, matter: solid, water and gas properties.  The presentation was interactive and very engaging.  "Jupiter Josh" was funny and captured the children's attention.  






The children are seen here enjoying the wind presentation using toilet paper. 


The children had a great time during our Mad Science  presentation!  

Thank You Parent Board for sponsoring our inhouse field trip.  




We were invited  by our friends from room 1 and 2 to join them for music with Fr. Riz. 


We had a great week and had many learning opportunities.  We are looking forward to end of the year activities.  We will be sending out information on those activities next week.