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We are back into the swing of things in TK after Christmas break. We kicked off this week with our first Star Student of 2018. 


Star Student

Do you want to know whats special about our Star Student? She went ice skating recently and loved it. It was cold so she had to bundle up. She is very creative and makes wonderful pictures. Ms. Martha and I love to see the amazing detail she puts into her artwork. I'm glad I get to spend so much time with you! 

 This week we practiced our Fire Drill twice

This week we practiced our Fire Drill twice

Our first Fire Drill this week went smoothly, we were quiet and attentive and Ms. Martha and I were so proud. Our entire class earned a Brag Tag for being on their best behavior. And then we came out the second day with another amazing experience. The church was having some work done on our parking lot which forced us to improvise where our class would meet. That was no problem for TK, they showed us once again how great they can be at following directions and Ms. Mary even commented on us being the quietest classroom!

Please keep talking to your kids about what to do in an emergency.


N is for Noodles!

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This week we have been talking to our class about working together. Here are some examples of how TK is putting this plan into action.

Study Buddies!



We asked out TK and Kindergarten Buddies to talk about what they would like to draw on their puzzle piece. They worked together to come up with a plan, then each drew their design on their own piece. Afterwards the two pieces didn't look exactly alike but they both had similar pictures. The two puzzles are hanging on our bulletin board, one has a TK piece and the other has a matching Kindergarten piece in the same location.


We have also seen a lot of working together throughout the day as our students play.

We have had a very good week for Brag Tags. I hope your kids are telling you all about their Brag Tag achievements. This form of positive reinforcement has been great for our classroom. The kids are so excited to get a Brag Tag, the look of pride on their face when they receive one is priceless.


We spent more time working on the X shape this week. This is one of the concepts in our Happily Ever After unit, "The Nightingale."


Since we are working on the letter M this week we made "M"inions




I wanted to send out a special thank you to our parents for teaching our students to be so generous. Ms. Martha and myself have been so blessed to get a class with parents as kind as you. There have been a number of parents who have gone out of their way to help us this year. From bringing in paper bags to cleaning our toys, we appreciate it. Thank you for passing that on to your children, their kindness comes from you.

This week we learned about the Good Samaritan in church. This story teaches us that we can all make a difference no matter who we are by showing kindness to others.


Our apple was overflowing this week!


Snack Time!

I really enjoy snack time with our class. It's fun to sit down together and eat family style. I like watching them try new food and listening to their conversations. And sometimes, I like when they prove a theory wrong. I guess as long as you want that smoothie bad enough, it actually is possible to lick your own elbow.


Here we are at the end of the page again. I decided to go with a classic this week.

What do you call cheese that's not yours?


Love, TK