Week 22


Meet our new Star Student! He recently went to Knott's Berry Farm and got to see Snoopy! He plays soccer and trains in Jiu-Jitsu. His favorite color is blue and he likes books about Big Bellies. He entertains Ms. Martha and myself with stories everyday, and is always full of questions. You are so special!


We had a really cool "in house field trip" this week. We learned different sounds animals make and then had the opportunity to get our faces painted.


 Comfy Cozy Jammy Time

Comfy Cozy Jammy Time



 Check out our wacky hair styles.

Check out our wacky hair styles.

This week we are working on the letter Z. We made "Z"oos. (What a good opportunity to take your kids to the zoo this weekend!) This was a really fun project. We worked on cutting, gluing, sticking and lacing all in one project. This was our first lacing project and the kids did a wonderful job. Sewing and lacing projects help your child work on their motor skills. They are working on their finger pinching muscles as well as hand eye coordination. 

Mouse Trap!

We played a fun mouse game this week. Try not to get trapped when the music stops.

  Forever Friends!

Forever Friends!

What's your culture?


  Ms. Martha and I have "mini mes!"

Ms. Martha and I have "mini mes!"


Our joke this week is inspired by J.D. He says this phrase sometimes and it always makes me smile. 

What did one firefly say to the other?

-You glow girl!

Have a great week.

See you Monday on the 100th day of school!

Love TK